Counties use budgets to entice employees

LOUISBURG, N.C. — For 19 years, Claire Fuller worked for a local government.

About two years ago, she began working for Franklin County and hasn’t looked back.

What You Need To Know

  • Franklin County included a cost of living adjustment in the recent budget
  • Employee pay will rise 3%
  • Claire Fuller said the pay and benefits drew her to work for Franklin County

“I’m actually from Henderson, which is in Vance County, which is a neighboring county. I live in Warren County, and my little girl attends school here in Franklin County,” Fuller said. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of the community, and working here and being here during the day is as close right now as I can get to being a part of it.”

Fuller says she’s found her forever job, which isn’t something she expected at this point in her life.

She said it’s both the people and the benefits. That’s an important aspect of a job in this economy.

“It’s really hard to match all of that in a package as far as from any benefits even from other local governments, even in the surrounding areas,” Fuller said.

Businesses across the state are working to bring in and retain employees, and that includes local governments.

In this year’s budget, Franklin County included a 3% cost of living adjustment, a raise to try to offset the impact of inflation.

Other counties, like Wake, also had a COLA in their budgets.

“Three percent to me is a lot. It’s a lot in the scheme of things with the cost of living going up. That will help towards the rise in cost of things, the inflation,” Fuller said.

With continued growth in Franklin County and around the Triangle, Fuller says she feels set where she is and won’t have to worry about finding a job in the future to cover the costs of life.

“I don’t have to sacrifice anything,” she said. “It’s a job that I love. It’s rewarding to be able to serve the local government, the people of the community.”