I’m a budgeting mom – I bought two nights of dinners for $2

ONE shopper is taking budgeting to a whole different level at Aldi.

It comes as the inflation rate has hit a whopping 9.1% for June compared with the same period last year – the highest in 41 years.


The budgeting mom spent less than $4 on two meals for two adults and a toddler
Americans are now spending up to 35% extra on grocery items


Americans are now spending up to 35% extra on grocery items

During the year, the overall cost of food has risen by 10.4%, with consumers paying up to 35% more on grocery items.

But regardless, Aldi and Walmart have been recognized to be big money-saving grocery stores.

One budgeting pro, who goes by “Amy Way to Save” on TikTok, has found a way to make two dinners for just $3.90 in total by shopping at the two stores.

Through her channel, she often makes similar budgeting content and how to score freebies at major retailers.

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Here’s what she purchased and cooked up in a recent video.

What she bought and made

The first store Amy went to was Aldi to shop for two adults and one toddler.

She bought a can of Happy Harvest tomato sauce and Peanut Delight peanut butter for just $1.48

Then she went to Walmart and picked up Linguine pasta and chicken broth. 

It also appears that Amy bought zucchini, an onion and ginger.

She spent a total of $3.90 at the two stores combined.

Here are the two meals Amy made for each night:

  • Thai Peanut Noodles
  • Linguine with Tomato Sauce

Also, with the linguine meal, she served garden lettuce, which she claims she got for free.

Another buying meals at Aldi

Meanwhile, a food expert who goes by “Jesshurst0” on TikTok spent a little more money on five meals for her family.

Here are the ingredients she bought and made for a total of $25.

Cajun chicken & avocado ciabattas with fried okra

  • Ingredients: Green, red and yellow peppers, tomato, lettuce, one onion, and avocado

Chicken tortilla soup

  • Ingredients: Green, red and yellow peppers, onions, cooking stock, black beans, garlic, corn, tortilla chips

Cilantro lime chicken with rice

  • Ingredients: Lime, white rice, cilantro, jalapeno

Ground beef spinach ravioli

  • Ingredients: Priano beef ravioli, Classico tomato & basil sauce, parmesan cheese and Simply Nature organic baby spinach & arugula

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