Booking fee

This fee is the first cost that will be incurred when you are initially interested in a particular house that really fits your budget and dreams, especially if you buy a house through a developer. When you find a suitable house, then you need to prepare some funds for the booking fee, friend. Now, the amount of this booking fee can vary according to the provisions of the developer. You need to understand, friend, if this booking fee is not a Down Payment (DP). Although, many of the developers will deduct the DP according to the booking fee paid in the end.

Notary Deed Fee

When buying a house, you need ratification of the buying and selling process that occurs through the services of a notary or often referred to as the Land Deed Making Officer (PPAT). The role of the notary is crucial because he is the only party authorized to the legitimacy of the buying and selling process. This notary fee is very dependent on how many documents must be taken care of and the price determined by the notary itself.

Certificate Check Fee

One of the costs that looks trivial, but you shouldn’t forget it, buddy, that is the certificate check fee. Why is the certificate check fee important? Yes, because you don’t want it, for example, the house you want to buy turns out to be standing on disputed land, both from bank confiscation cases and double certificates. Precisely if you ignore this process just because of cost constraints, you can lose big friends because you have the potential to buy a house that is involved in a dispute case.

You can check this house certificate at the local land office and the fees can vary depending on the region. However, generally it ranges from IDR 50,000 – IDR 300,000. It’s not that big, but don’t ignore it!

Transfer Fee

Transfer of Names (BBN) is a fee charged to the buyer during the process of transferring the name of the Ownership Certificate from the seller. The transfer fee can usually be taken care of by the developer if you buy a house through the developer or you can take care of yourself if you buy the house yourself. The cost of this BBN can vary, my friend, but the amount is on average about 2% of the value of the transaction you make. Don’t forget to change your name, friend, later you will buy property but not in your name anymore. Wow, this is what you pay for, but you don’t get anything…

Duties and Taxes

One of the things that can be said to be spending a lot of money on you, my friend, is the payment of various kinds of duties and/or taxes. There are at least 3 (three) duties and/or taxes that you have to pay, friends, namely the Land and Building Rights Acquisition Fee (BPHTB), Value Added Tax (PPN), and Luxury Goods Sales Tax (PPnBM).

First, BPHTB is a sale and purchase tax charged to buyers. The amount of the BPHTB is 5% (five percent) of the transaction value less the acquisition value of the non-taxable tax object (NPOPTKP). The amount of NPOPTKP varies, my friend, according to local government policies. Second, VAT is a tax charged to buyers for primary property (new property). So, for those of you who are planning to buy a new house, then you have to take this tax into account. The amount is 10% (ten percent) of the price of the house you buy. The minimum transaction that is collected is above IDR 36 million, pal. Third, PPnBM is a tax imposed on buyers whose houses are categorized as luxury goods. Oh yes, a house that is classified as a luxury item if the selling price exceeds Rp. 20 billion and Rp. 10 billion, respectively, for houses and/or town houses of the non-strata title type as well as condominium apartments, town houses of the strata title type, and/or the like. buddy. The amount of PPnBM is 20% (twenty percent) of the selling price.


For those of you who use mortgage services, there are insurance costs that you need to know, one of which is life insurance for mortgages which guarantees assistance in the event of an unexpected thing. This insurance plays a role in minimizing risk, both for those who serve mortgages and also mortgage customers. In the event that a KPR customer dies, the KPR Team will later assist the heirs to pay off the remaining mortgage installments. Thus, this insurance will help ease the burden on the heirs to pay off the remaining installments.

In addition to life insurance for mortgages, there is also property insurance that can provide protection to your property. This insurance can help reduce losses in the event of damage to the insured house. The causes of the damage borne are various, in the all risk/industrial all risk property policy, which is specifically stated is the exclusion. So, in other words, an all risk property policy covers all risks as long as these risks are not excluded. Some examples of the risks contained in these exceptions include those caused by terrorism, war, nuclear, and intentions intentional misconduct by the insured or another person known to the insured. You can add to the expansion of the warranty by including some of these exceptions. But keep in mind that the wider the coverage range, the bigger the premium.